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  my boyfriend stealer is my b.f.f.
Dating AdviceAnonymous writes: i asked this guy out and he said sure. me and him have been going out for about 3 weeks. then my friend broke up with her boyfriend. and yesterday she asked my boyfriend out. and then he called me and asked me if he could go out with her and me and i didn't wat him to brake up with me so i said sure . and she thinks it is funny. but it is heartbraking to me. so what should i do?

OK first, if your friend asks your boyfriend out, she is not your friend. Second, don't be untrue to yourself just because you think he might break up with you. If you don't want him to see other girls, tell him. If he wants to break up then he's doing you a favor. Do you really want to be with a guy who doesn't respect you? I think you could do a lot better both in your friend and your boyfriend. Good luck.
Posted by bfs on Friday, 16 September 2005 (22:41:05) UTC (4594 reads)
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  More tips please
Dating AdviceAnonymous writes: lolz.. can't this page be somewhat similair with the girlfriendstealers page?? like with the manifestos and stuff? esp on how to get the guy?

Glad you like the girlfriendstealer's site. Yes, we're going to add more tips on getting the guy... but really guys are dead easy. Just smile, touch his arm, and act a little independent.
Posted by bfs on Friday, 16 September 2005 (22:33:04) UTC (5037 reads)
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  How do I get this girl? HELP~SOS!!!
Dating AdviceAnonymous writes: I am writing seeking advice on a situation. I am currently a senior at my school and I’m looking for a prom date. I was introduced to a girl a few days ago who blew me away with her beauty. She had dirty-blonde hair, hazel eyes, and she mixed with Mexican and white (so she’s naturally tanned). She's like a teenage J-Lo. When I met her, I noticed that she seems to have some sort of interest in me. We smiled at each other and I cracked a few jokes which she laughed at. The next day, the same thing happened and I had to get the 411 on her. I called my friend Catherine, who has a little crush on me, to get some info on her. She lives with her father, her cousin is a girl that I don’t really get along with that well, she’s dating a guy from our rival school, and she’s two years younger than me. How do I get this outstanding girl?

BFS: Let me see... I think you wanted to visit
First off, sleep with Catherine to get rid of that pent up desperation. Then make your move on the teenage J-Lo. Sounds like you need some bling-bling.
Posted by bfs on Friday, 09 September 2005 (14:52:27) UTC (2598 reads)
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  Enjoy Your Favorite Wine…But With Some Rules
Dating AdviceAnonymous writes:

The mere mention of etiquette brings to mind various images, mainly negative. Etiquette means observing set rules. It’s not about the quaint traditions but where wine is concerned etiquette matter.

The primary connoisseurs of fine wine are oenophiles who are stringent about treating, serving and tasting wine. Then there are wine lovers and those simply appreciating wine. For occasional enthusiasts, collectors and cellar owners, the essence of wine etiquette heightens the experience.

Determine Proper Temperature

Wine is altered by temperature and environment, putting the emphasis on proper storage. Keep red table wines standing in the dining room for approximately 24 hours in advance, for settling sediments, followed by room temperature. White and Rose wines require slight chilling of around 50’F or one hour in a refrigerator.

Sparkling wines including champagnes require longer chilling of a few hours. Temperature levels drown inconsistencies and enhance the taste. A handy tip is to allow 10 minutes for a wine in a refrigerator to chill and for the reversal, in room temperature.

Time The Uncorking

Uncorking a wine calls for basic guidelines. For red wines, remove the cork one hour in advance. Oxidation helps to experience the true flavor. The longer white wines are left open in room temperature, the more the loss in quality. Don’t uncork until just before serving.

Decant The Wine

It may appear pretentious to make such a lot of fuss, but there’s no denying that there is a whole new dimension to the taste. Red wine vintage and port wines are perfect for decanters as they build up fairly substantial bitter sediment at the bottom. Pouring slowly into a decanter therefore separates the wine from the sediments.

Decanting wine is also done for exposure to oxygen. Having been deprived of air and vacuum for years, air adds to the flavor of red wine. For uncorking use a container with an open mouth. The resulting chemical reaction exudes the aroma that is crucial for the tasting experience. For this purpose, red wine glasses have large rims. Having slowly decanted the wine, leave it for about an hour in room temperature. Eventually the difference in taste is unmistakable.

Pour The Wine

Wine etiquette dictates how a glass of wine should be poured. For bubbly wines that sparkle, pour along the side of the glass to preserve the all-important bubbles. Still wine is poured into the center of the glass allowing the flavor to float upwards.

Depending on the wine, never fill a glass more than two-thirds or halfway. On occasions when different wines are being sampled during a meal, the amount being poured needs to be even less.

Use The Right Glass

Highly diverse, wine glasses may prove confusing. Nevertheless they matter as they function with the temperature. The more intense aromas are better appreciated in glasses with wide but thin rims.

The opposite principle is true for white wine glasses. Narrower and more slender, the tulip shape is integral to the hallmarks of white wine. More blunt and less angular than champagne flute or dessert wine glasses, white wine glasses can be easily differentiated.

Follow The Drinking Rules

To the uninitiated wine etiquette may seem unnecessary. However it is an established fact that for the authentic experience of wine in all its subtleties, it is the only way......Cheers!

Author Bio:

Celina Richards is a counselor and dating coach in private practice since 1995. She offers dating-relationship coaching, singles group coaching and ongoing coaching for singles & unmarried couples. She started writing articles to help singles with the knowledge and tools they need to find and sustain lasting relationships.

Posted by bfs on Sunday, 04 September 2005 (15:10:13) UTC (3570 reads)
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