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  Confessions of a Career Boyfriend Stealer (CBS)
Confessions of a Boyfriend StealerYou'll have to forgive me coming to the party a little late. It was only after I came across this site that I realised that 90% of my relationships, over the last 11 years, were the result of boyfriend/husband stealing.

I always thought I was a model friend and citizen, but after seeing this site I realise that I am simply a boyfriend stealer – end of story.

I have recently been working to correct this flaw in my character, though I am slow to progress through the usual methods of going cold turkey and therapy.

It is an immensely difficult habit to give up. Even though I do feel some modicum of guilt associated with my behaviour, it has not always been my direct intent to steal said boyfriend/husband. I am fighting a 'subconscious thought pattern' (so says my therapist). Those nasty little buggers are all but impossible to spot.

I think it comes from the belief that all men are inherently untrustworthy cheaters! You might say this is harsh - but I speak not only as a former stealer but as a good friend to many cheating boyfriends. There’s nothing quite like the inside scoop from a friend to open your eyes to their true nature.

There is also, of course, something so very enticing about someone else's chosen partner. This enticing aspect is not a conscious thought process on my part (most of the time I don't know for certain they are already taken) but some innate ability to spot that the guy in question is in fact already a 'boyfriend'.

They have generally been selected with some care and attention to detail. Sort of like a handbag that you wouldn’t look at twice before you’ve seen it dangling from the shoulder of your very trendy friend. Or a pair of second-hand jeans that could only get ‘that look’ through many washes and wears by some diligent fashionista.

I am going to start with the work colleague. This is an easy one to manage – perfect for a beginner - especially if their partner is not also a colleague.

First, you must catch their eye across the desk/lobby/office and smile so they know they have been noticed. However, you will need neutral territory to start a conversation, if you don’t already have the opportunity to talk to them during your average work day.

The staff canteen and water cooler are both excellent places. No-one will feel that their space has been invaded and there is also a definite beginning and end to any conversation in one of these environments. There is nothing worse than standing there looking like a guppy; your mouth hanging open with nothing to say and no smooth way to end the experience. Finesse is essential.

Once you have established a rapport at the staff canteen, you can perhaps find out when they regularly have lunch and ‘just happen’ to meet them there a couple of times. It’s important to keep it light and friendly at this point. If at all possible make sure there are others around. You don’t want the poor soul to feel hunted!

This should naturally progress to going out for after work drinks to the pub or local bar hang out.

A night out with the boys is always a good entrée into the friendship world. This way he’ll feel comfortable about hanging out with you and will reduce his immediate feelings of guilt if he mentions you to his CGF (current girlfriend). Having said that, you should never ask to be invited if it is a ‘boys only’ night – but I do advocate accidentally bumping into them at the preferred haunt. It’s always best to have either a friend to meet or a good excuse for being in the vicinity. You don’t want him to know just yet how keen you are.

The next step is an outing on a weekend day or non-working day. Hospitality industry is great for this because of shift work. This means there’s more possibility he won’t have the same days off as the CGF. By now you should know what it is that appeals to him – if you don’t you are a lost cause and I want nothing more to do with you.

Be fun, uncomplicated, alluring and don’t nag! It’s a shoe-in! They are all simple creatures and I am sure they will know what to do when the moment comes.

Whatever you do – avoid meeting the usually very nice and gorgeous CGF. This poses no advantage whatsoever and may even hinder you. You don’t want to start feeling sorry for the blighter, or even worse, you could become friends!!

On to my next favourite selection pool; the OOTs (Out-of-towners) are the guys who travel to another city or country in order to participate in a special event. The event could be anything from a milestone birthday party to a mate's bachelor night. Bachelor parties are not my preference though - far too messy, but a good birthday celebration or even engagement party is a prime place to meet that OOTBF. They are usually up for some fun and games while the CGF is safely in another town and unlikely to know the crowd at the party (hence why she isn't there).

OOTs will tell you frankly that they are taken and expect you to respect that. You should pretend to respect it - asking them pertinent and interested questions about their partner.

Once you have some ammunition in the form of information about said partner - you need to show that you are not like that at all and then demonstrate how much fun you are by being amusing and showing off with some kind of high jinx (suggestion – dancing on tables, pouring ice down someone’s back – always remember that OOTBFs are generally mentally about 5-10 yrs younger when OOT – think college humour).

These guys especially do not want to know you if you are an uptight priss. However, there is a line though between tasteful high jinx and SLUT. If you don't know where that line is I am afraid there's nothing I can say to help you. General rule of thumb – if in any doubt – refrain!

It is best if you leave the event with a group rather than on your own - you want all other party members to be too drunk to remember anything at all. You are then free to make up your own order of events in the morning, after surreptitiously finding out what all the others got up to.

You should make your move from the next location, BUT only AFTER the midnight goodnight call from CGF! Depend upon it; CGF will know exactly what time it is wherever the OOTBF is. He will be completely useless until this hurdle has been passed. It would be wise at this point to suggest turning off the phone but he will probably be way ahead of you anyway.

You should walk away if your reputation would be seriously compromised.

ALWAYS remember that a girl's best friend is her reputation!!!!!!!!

If you are content with the information supplied above and think you could use it on your next victim I wish you good luck and all happiness! You need read no further.

If, however, you are thinking – this girl is not very nice – in fact she might just be downright horrible – I do have some more to say in my defence!

I am really (truly I am) just a simple sweet girl (actually make that complicated but still sweet) with a head full of romantic notions, but a slightly jaded and cynical outlook, brought on by my very rich life experiences.

There is nothing I would like more than someone special to take my hand and say ‘Follow me. I know the way.’

I do not go out of my way to snare other girls’ boyfriends, in fact quite the opposite. I would normally consider them to be OFF-LIMITS. However this thought process is self-defeating. I will demonstrate why.

   1. You see a guy – you find out he is taken – he is off-limits

   2. Firstly you should never assume that because he is considered off-limits by you that he accords you the same courtesy.

   3. As soon as you consider him off-limits you relax

   4. You lose all the angsty feelings associated with – does he really like me? Will he call me and ask me out? Etc

   5. You can just be yourself – frank, open and friendly.

   6. Because you aren’t trying to play mind games and are just being uncomplicated and friendly it’s easy to get closer without actually consciously deciding to.

The moral of the story, girls, is that human relations are complicated enough without second guessing the opposite sex and adding lots of convoluted rules to the game.

I think the correct economists’ term is ‘Free Market’ – concentrate on your own happiness and it should invariably lead to that of the people around you.

In other words, every man for himself!
Posted by bfs on Saturday, 03 June 2006 (12:05:58) UTC (23795 reads)
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  Internet Dating Sites
Internet DatingOnline dating is a great way to meet new people!

Here are some recommended Internet Dating sites. They are free to join and search for singles:

Posted by bfs on Sunday, 25 September 2005 (09:47:23) UTC (6829 reads)
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  How to Spot an On-Line Jerk
Internet DatingThis article comes courtesy of prides itself on having over 2 1/2 million real, down-to-earth people as our members, though we do know that online dating has often been maligned as populated by “jerks” and phonies.” Even at we are sometimes subjected to the occasional bad apple, both male and female. Following are some of the ways our users have suggested they can distinguish the “jerks” from the “keepers”:
  1. Photos of a man with a woman’s arms around him or vice versa

  2. Multiple profiles set up on the same site (seeing the same photo again and again)

  3. Members who advise you to contact them by phone only during certain times (many of these end up to be married)

  4. Income marked at $75-100,000 a year and do not have the a) education or b) career (as indicated in their profile) to support that claim

  5. Men signing up as women and advising in their profiles that they are really a man (they do this to get promotions only available to women)

  6. Anybody who is asking for money to pay for their memberships for them

  7. Anybody who asks for money in general!

  8. Anyone stating their website link; these are likely to be web cam girls

  9. Anyone who gives you their email or web address in their profile/message and it sends you to a paid site, advertisement, etc.

  10. Young women 18-25 stating that they will only talk to older men (45-65) in profiles, messages, etc.

Now you're ready to visit
Posted by bfs on Sunday, 25 September 2005 (09:35:27) UTC (8738 reads)
(comments? | Score: 1)

Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: I need help urgently..because time is ticking..

The love of my life is home for 10 days, because he just graduated from Basic Training. We've been "best friends" since last October, and I love him so much. He's always given me the same vibe, but we've never hooked up. His ex is still in love with him, and I think hes starting to fall back in love with her.
I've heard that they've even still been having sex...

I have to break that sh*t up!!
Hes the one for me, and he just doesnt realize it yet. I think hes only tolerating her, because she keeps throwing guilt trips on him, and beggin to get back, and being so persostant..and she does whatever he wants for his a puppy..

I dont want to have to do that...I just want him to fall in love with me..and noticed how much he needs me..

I'm scared that if I try to make a move on him, that he'll turn me into his "***** buddy"...and thats not what I want. I wanna have a serious relationship with him.

Help me..I'll do whatever it takes..

Just because he's "even been having sex" with her doesn't mean he's falling back in love with her. There's a pretty good chance the main reason he's back with her is the easy sex. Having said that, if you don't want to be a f*ck buddy, then don't f*ck him. You can do anything else but you'll have to keep him wanting until he breaks up with her. Show him a good time and be what she is not. A puppy can get old pretty quick (unless he is come kind of control freak) so he probably needs a break from bitch. Be fun... contradict him in a playful teasing way... and of course the "accidental touch" always works like a charm.
Posted by bfs on Sunday, 18 September 2005 (23:04:58) UTC (6192 reads)
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  my boyfriend stealer is my b.f.f.
Dating AdviceAnonymous writes: i asked this guy out and he said sure. me and him have been going out for about 3 weeks. then my friend broke up with her boyfriend. and yesterday she asked my boyfriend out. and then he called me and asked me if he could go out with her and me and i didn't wat him to brake up with me so i said sure . and she thinks it is funny. but it is heartbraking to me. so what should i do?

OK first, if your friend asks your boyfriend out, she is not your friend. Second, don't be untrue to yourself just because you think he might break up with you. If you don't want him to see other girls, tell him. If he wants to break up then he's doing you a favor. Do you really want to be with a guy who doesn't respect you? I think you could do a lot better both in your friend and your boyfriend. Good luck.
Posted by bfs on Friday, 16 September 2005 (22:41:05) UTC (4594 reads)
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  More tips please
Dating AdviceAnonymous writes: lolz.. can't this page be somewhat similair with the girlfriendstealers page?? like with the manifestos and stuff? esp on how to get the guy?

Glad you like the girlfriendstealer's site. Yes, we're going to add more tips on getting the guy... but really guys are dead easy. Just smile, touch his arm, and act a little independent.
Posted by bfs on Friday, 16 September 2005 (22:33:04) UTC (5037 reads)
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  go back out with him
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Ok my x-boyfriends asked me if i would go back out with him and i said yes. But my friend likes him and she was goin to go out with him. But he said he still likes me . Now my friends and him are going out but he still says that he likes me what should i do to get him back even though he likes her.

OK, here's what you do: forget about him. You don't love him. Move on. You'll find someone much better and you'll be much happier and have more fun. Trust me.
Posted by bfs on Friday, 16 September 2005 (22:30:24) UTC (4452 reads)
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  Two Can Play that game
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Okay so this is funny. This guy he will remain nameless. He has a gf, and i've been putting moves on him. Everything's been going well, and he seems attached to me. He's giving signs that he's interested. He'll flirt, call me, and even *the other he kissed me! and he has a gf... Well, now he's basically becoming one of the "playas" type. He's like playing around, and hes playing a game. I know it, the thing is. This is fun and I dont care. I just want some advice on to how to be ON TOP of the game?

Hey girl, you've got your heart in exactly the right place. You wanna be on top? Flirt with him and then play hard to get. Flirt with other guys in front of his face. You'll drive him crazy!!
Posted by bfs on Friday, 16 September 2005 (22:28:14) UTC (5774 reads)
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SchoolboysAnonymous writes: Ok, there is this guy. Everyone was saying that he liked me but I wanted to find out if it was true. So, at our school dance my friend went up to him and asked him if he still liked me. He said no but I know he still does. Since then I am really confused. He sits next to me in SS and I don't know what to do! I like him and I want him to ask me out! What should I do??? Question

Well, first off you should talk to him. About anything really, it doesn't matter. Whatever you saw on TV last night, about school, music, a friend you have in common... anything. And then maybe you can ask him if he wants to have lunch with you or something... or hang out after school. If you start talking to him and you two get along well, I'm sure he'll ask you out.

When your friend asked him if he liked you, she put him on the spot. You don't want to embarass him. He's probably nervous about talking to a cutie like you.
Posted by bfs on Friday, 16 September 2005 (22:25:41) UTC (5434 reads)
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  Last story
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: I was wondering where the girl lives who had a break with her boyfriend. I think I know you I think I talk to you about that guy.I like you alot if its you, you should know who i am by now does Chicago,"Trip with School" mean anything to you just say yes or no.Or is his name Cris

P.S. Please post this I have been trying to get a hold of her for a long time and it would help me alot.
Posted by bfs on Friday, 16 September 2005 (22:18:50) UTC (7553 reads)
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