How do I get this girl? HELP~SOS!!!
Date: Friday, 09 September 2005 (14:52:27) UTC
Topic: Dating Advice

I am writing seeking advice on a situation. I am currently a senior at my school and I’m looking for a prom date. I was introduced to a girl a few days ago who blew me away with her beauty. She had dirty-blonde hair, hazel eyes, and she mixed with Mexican and white (so she’s naturally tanned). She's like a teenage J-Lo. When I met her, I noticed that she seems to have some sort of interest in me. We smiled at each other and I cracked a few jokes which she laughed at. The next day, the same thing happened and I had to get the 411 on her. I called my friend Catherine, who has a little crush on me, to get some info on her. She lives with her father, her cousin is a girl that I don’t really get along with that well, she’s dating a guy from our rival school, and she’s two years younger than me. How do I get this outstanding girl?

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First off, sleep with Catherine to get rid of that pent up desperation. Then make your move on the teenage J-Lo. Sounds like you need some bling-bling.

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