How to Spot an On-Line Jerk
Date: Sunday, 25 September 2005 (09:35:27) UTC
Topic: Internet Dating

This article comes courtesy of prides itself on having over 2 1/2 million real, down-to-earth people as our members, though we do know that online dating has often been maligned as populated by “jerks” and phonies.” Even at we are sometimes subjected to the occasional bad apple, both male and female. Following are some of the ways our users have suggested they can distinguish the “jerks” from the “keepers”:
  1. Photos of a man with a woman’s arms around him or vice versa

  2. Multiple profiles set up on the same site (seeing the same photo again and again)

  3. Members who advise you to contact them by phone only during certain times (many of these end up to be married)

  4. Income marked at $75-100,000 a year and do not have the a) education or b) career (as indicated in their profile) to support that claim

  5. Men signing up as women and advising in their profiles that they are really a man (they do this to get promotions only available to women)

  6. Anybody who is asking for money to pay for their memberships for them

  7. Anybody who asks for money in general!

  8. Anyone stating their website link; these are likely to be web cam girls

  9. Anyone who gives you their email or web address in their profile/message and it sends you to a paid site, advertisement, etc.

  10. Young women 18-25 stating that they will only talk to older men (45-65) in profiles, messages, etc.

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