Date: Sunday, 18 September 2005 (23:04:58) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

I need help urgently..because time is ticking..

The love of my life is home for 10 days, because he just graduated from Basic Training. We've been "best friends" since last October, and I love him so much. He's always given me the same vibe, but we've never hooked up. His ex is still in love with him, and I think hes starting to fall back in love with her.
I've heard that they've even still been having sex...

I have to break that sh*t up!!
Hes the one for me, and he just doesnt realize it yet. I think hes only tolerating her, because she keeps throwing guilt trips on him, and beggin to get back, and being so persostant..and she does whatever he wants for his a puppy..

I dont want to have to do that...I just want him to fall in love with me..and noticed how much he needs me..

I'm scared that if I try to make a move on him, that he'll turn me into his "***** buddy"...and thats not what I want. I wanna have a serious relationship with him.

Help me..I'll do whatever it takes..

Just because he's "even been having sex" with her doesn't mean he's falling back in love with her. There's a pretty good chance the main reason he's back with her is the easy sex. Having said that, if you don't want to be a f*ck buddy, then don't f*ck him. You can do anything else but you'll have to keep him wanting until he breaks up with her. Show him a good time and be what she is not. A puppy can get old pretty quick (unless he is come kind of control freak) so he probably needs a break from bitch. Be fun... contradict him in a playful teasing way... and of course the "accidental touch" always works like a charm.

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