Make him dump his psycho girl!!
Date: Friday, 16 September 2005 (22:17:14) UTC
Topic: At Work

I like this guy i work with but he has a girlfriend for 2 years and they usto live togeather but they fight all the time so he moved away now she lives 2 hours away from him and he tells her its over about every month then she calls him crying and he takes her back over and over! Me and Him are friends now and we hang out and talk about everything I even go shopping with his mom who loves me and she tells me even how much she hates his girlfriend. His girlfriend is a lot older then he is, Shes into some weird cult like religion, and she wants different things in life then he does but me and him want the same things and i think he sees that too. How can i get him to dump his girl and get with me??

Jeez, that guy has got a problem. He keeps taking back some older biatch that he's always fighting with and doesn't have the same outlook with. You better figure out why he keeps going back. Is it the crying? Does he like to feel needed? Does he feel he owes her something? Does he want to be a hero? Does he want everyone to like him?

Maybe you should try crying and telling him how much you need him? You've got to try to figure out what drives this man.

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